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sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Global Economic Crime Survey 2014


It comes as no surprise to learn that economic crime — such as fraud, IP infringement, corruption, cybercrime, or accounting fraud — continues to be a major concern for organisations of all sizes, across all regions and in virtually every sector.

But, as our 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey reveals, the real story is not so much that economic crime stubbornly persists. The real story is that economic crime is threatening your business processes, eroding the integrity of your employees, and tarnishing your reputation.

Which is why this year’s report, one of the broadest and most comprehensive economic crime surveys we have ever conducted — with over 5,000 global respondents — is focused not only on breaking down the facts, figures, trends and regions, but also on analysing how and where it may be affecting you. So you can address the issue from both a preventive and strategic perspective.

We invite you to explore the rich trove of data, trends and analysis of economic crime uncovered by our 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey — and contact us to learn more.

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