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miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

Invisible Security

Zahid Faqir
Team Leader - HSE at Tuwairqi Steel Mills

Invisible Security

Should Security be Visible is a question that I asked myself while talking to Two Bin Laden Recruiters who had come to Pakistan to Recruit some safety professionals.

Well in Pakistan or any other country where deterrence is also one of the fundamental need for any security plan, the answer may be yes, security should be visible.

However, despite all those risks and needs, I am a strong advocate of "Invisible Layers" of Security.

A Good security management system shall depend upon following,

1.  A very quick and strong communication between each tier of security management system.Each member of security team should be reporting and communicating on his observations, movements to those who must know and with the frequency that they must know.

2.  Incorporation of more invisible security measures and less visible watch men. Specially in those areas where inflow or outflow of people is more than normal. People must feel that they are being observed or watched but they should never know who is watching them over.

3.  Watching security through behavior analysis. The worst of security incidents have happened due to internal supports and uneasy behaviors. All Security officers must be educated on analyzing human behavior. They Should be able to sniff and smell, security problems much before they actually come up.

4.  Technology is important but cannot replace humans. I have seen people using CCTV cameras for fun and not for security. Many CCTV operators loose concentrations and also focus. The Results are a breech. Some of the explosive detectors and metal detectors remain faulty and we continue to use them thinking they are good tools for fear or deterrence. Ultimately, we forget that humans cannot be replaced completely by Technology.

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