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jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

Security Managers to prepare for ISIS urban & city attacks

ISIO International Security Industry Organization

#ISIS is the gravest security threat for security managers of business and soft target venues. 

Security Managers need to get their 'military and defense hat' onto their heads and think 'military and security minded' even more so.  

Firstly, one has to consider '' who is the threat ?'' 

These are religious extremists with nothing to loose and much to gain in death! 

Security manager and staff must equip with knowledge as in the military steps - by 'knowing your enemy !'

The feet on the ground need to be security minded, as in knowing 'what to do when' ! This does not mean that weapons handling or close combat skills need to be developed only. 

Therefore the knowledge and mind-set  has to be in sync with the threat. 

Religious cultural gestures override local cultural gestures.Be quite clear - we live in a global village. The wrong hand or foot movement could cause a crowd to loose control.

People in cultural groups can have a discussion right in front of another culture without the person knowing. Being situational aware provides security relative and useful information to consider engagement.

Consequently, The first objective is to get the security mind right.

- Knowledge of threats such as; for example - Weapons that could be used and what to do in that situation.

IS is using Chlorine Bombs... 

A little bit goes a long way.. Can be mixed with anything for example Milk 

Be quite clear Security Manger :

 Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers and the people on the ground and guess what .. they too are decision makers. 

Security is only as good as its people ! - and obviously - their ''State of Mind'' - and their  ''Mind - Set '' is paramount.

Within seconds, there could be times where security personnel have to make life impacting or life & death situations. 

The security mind - ' what do to when'

- What is the situation 

- What position are we in
- What implication to consider for a plan of action to engage.

The objective is minimizing collateral damage by way of

- Taking the 'site' off the spontaneous and impulsive attack list .''

- Operational methods and mobilization

- Staff trained with the appropriate skills  

Skill development to invest into the training of the security mind

- The security mind must be in the 'here and now' with all senses working at optimum levels. Heighten situational awareness

- Reading people using lie and deception detection regardless of culture

- Cultural Communication Differences

- Accurate reporting 

- Decision making 
**** view Master in Mind (ISIO Accredited - Look on ISIO)

Situational Awareness 'mind-set' is used for screening for Access Control at Entrance or Delivery Entrances for people and packages by way of lie detection skills. 

Workshops in Person taking place or order an in-house workshop 

Security - Investigation - Protection Workshop - United Kingdom - July 13 or 14th.

Security - Investigation - Protection Workshop - United Kingdom - July 13 or 14th.

One day Security Workshop.

1. Mix with like minded professionals in discussing the necessary to prevent, protect and reduce collateral damage with IS small manned attack groups.
Addressing : Operations - Mobilization - Training

2. Obtain tools to heighten situational awareness as Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision makers and those on the ground.

Receive Certificate of Attendance

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