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miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

All Secure on Set

Holly Gilbert Stowell
Assistant Editor Security Management


Indiana Jones. The Godfather. Mission Impossible. Transformers. These are just a handful of the iconic feature films produced by Paramount Pictures, the oldest major film studio still in operation in Hollywood.

While the last movie Paramount filmed entirely at the lot was Star Trek in 2009, the studio facilities are still used to shoot feature films, television shows, and commercials. But production companies are increasingly moving from shooting on studio lots to filming on location, which opens up a whole world of possibilities for the movies, says Scott Phemister, executive director of global risk and crisis management at Paramount.

“You name it, and we pretty much have looked at it and considered it for a destination to shoot,” he says.  

Paramount has six offices domestically and about 23 around the world, including in Asia, Europe, a​nd South America. Previously, the security team would outsource protection for producers, actors, directors, and other staff that were traveling. But recently the security team realized it would be more efficient and effective to bring more of its international operations in-house. 

“You can imagine the security climate has definitely changed, especially with a lot of international travel and international locations, and the political and economic instability in some of these [global] areas,” Phemister notes.

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