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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Mobile access: The future of campus security

Jaroslav Barton
Director, Product Marketing, Physical Access Control, EMEA

In this day and age of ever evolving security threats, safeguarding campuses and ensuring the wellbeing of pupils and staff is paramount. One way many universities ensure only authorised personnel and students can access specific areas of the campus is through access control devices like smart ID cards. The growing interest and use of smart phones as a credential is resulting in campuses embracing mobile access.

Many universities are already deploying campus IDs on smartphones. With a card or token access to buildings and on-site premises, users are effectively burdened with the responsibility of constantly carrying an additional item they would not normally carry. As such, if their card is lost or stolen they are less likely to notice it and hence slower to report it, leaving the campus physical infrastructure vulnerable. Conversely, students and staff instantly feel more attached to their mobile devices, so if a phone is lost or stolen, it is reported right away and the mobile ID can be immediately revoked.

As we move forward, campuses will also be authenticating identities for more and more activities, extending the value of their access control investments while further enhancing the user experience and overall security of users. Future IDs – whether on plastic cards or mobile devices – will do even more, with increasingly important benefits.

Identities are not only being used today to open campus doors and purchase items, there are many additional benefits, including:

  • Time and attendance tracking and secure print management.
  • The ability to dynamically update security software, whereas updating data on cards takes more time and involves additional costs.
  • Reduced need to provide students with printed cards that can easily be lost and are often not returned or recycled when students or staff leave the university.
  • Online tracking of assignments, grades, medical results and fees, loan payments and other financial transactions.

Physical ID cards still have a place within physical access control, but given the everyday use of mobile phones for everything from banking to mobile ticketing, the current trend shows the move towards a more mobile identity solution that promises to offer much more than is currently available.

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