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jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

After School Stabbing, Parents Ask: Where Were Metal Detectors?

The New York Times

Parents waiting to be united with their children after two high school students
were stabbed, one of them fatally, at a Bronx school on Wednesday

When word came that two students had been stabbed inside a Bronx high school on Wednesday, the parents of several students in the elementary school housed in the same building voiced anger at a lack of metal detectors there and demanded action from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“At the end of the day, de Blasio, you need to do something about those metal detectors in these schools that have high school kids,” said Tammy Carey, a mother who hurried to the building in the West Farms neighborhood to retrieve her two elementary-school-aged children.

At a news conference two hours later, police officials agreed that such weapon-scanning devices would have intercepted the spring-loaded switchblade-style knife that the police said was used to stab the two students, one of them fatally.

On Wednesday, Mr. de Blasio vowed to put in place by Thursday morning “random screening, done with metal detectors” at the building, which is shared by the high school, the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation and an elementary school, Public School 67.

Esta noticia ha sido vista por 90 personas.