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viernes, 28 de abril de 2006

Articulo Ken Bowden. BusinessWeek. 13/04/06

Ken Bowden

As employees become increasingly more mobile, small businesses need to develop a clear strategy for managing remote access to data. E-mail isn't always effective. These days it's easier than ever to send and retrieve files of any size across networks without solely relying on e-mail.

The onslaught of wireless devices can mean greater productivity for businesses. However accessing data across disparate networks -- say, a wireless network for your phone and a companywide network implemented for your business -- can bring unexpected headaches and complications.

As a "best practice" for business continuity and management of data assets, small businesses should invest in solutions that:

Let employees access critical information on the road, at home, or at the office. A smart phone is great for productivity if you can access company files. With the growth of wireless broadband, pulling up presentations and spreadsheets is feasible, and speed will only improve as bandwidth technology increases.

Meet both current and future needs. An application service provider model is a cost-effective approach and an alternative to huge equipment costs.

Are easy to implement. User adoption will be faster, and you won't end up with a support nightmare.

Offer trusted off-site backup service. Your valuable information can be securely stored at a well-managed facility and easily accessible at the same time.

Are scalable and provide the same benefit regardless of the communication device or platform used.

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