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Security in the new Europe

Andrew Cottey-
- Editorial: Palgrave Macmillan Año: 2007 Páginas: 256 ISBN-13: 978-1403986498

  "A comprehensive and cogent assessment. It has the great merit, without minimising the troubling global and domestic issues that need to be addressed, of focussing our attention on the successful development of Europe as a 'security community' and just how much, in terms of their security and well-being, the end of the Cold War has turned out to be a Good Thing for most Europeans most of the time." -- Lawrence Freedman, King's College London. Europe's traditional security problem of war between European states is being displaced by a new set of challenges with which peoples, governments, and organizations like the EU and NATO are only beginning to come to terms. This broad-ranging new text develops a comprehensive framework for understanding the security issues and confronting Europe today.

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