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Introduction to security

Robert J. Fischer-
Editorial: Elsevier/Butterworth Año: 2008 Páginas: 515 ISBN 9780750684323

  Security has so many aspects that it might seem impossible to cover them all in one book in sufficient detail to be worth reading. Introduction to Security rises to the challenge—again. For the eighth time in 30 years, authors Robert J. Fischer, Edward Halibozek, and Gion Green cover a full gamut of security topics concisely in a well-presented, easy-to-read format. The book is commonly used as core reading for many security certifications and qualifications—including ASIS’s Certified Protection Professional® (CPP) and Physical Security Professional® (PSP). It is structured much like a textbook, with a clear “objectives” text box at the beginning of each chapter as well as a “critical thinking” challenge section, review questions, and detailed reference lists completing the chapters for the eager researcher. These additions are of benefit to the security student. The book is divided into three parts: part I provides the context within which the field of security has developed, while parts II and III provide the content. This approach offers readers an understanding of the security industry as it has evolved to its present form. The book relies almost exclusively on practical examples from the United States and the United Kingdom. While these examples are of interest to a great number of readers, it would have been useful to provide examples from other parts of the globe. This work is an essential reference book for anyone’s security library. Security professionals can use it to refresh their knowledge or to help them understand an unfamiliar topic.

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