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Retail crime, security, and loss prevention: an encyclopedic reference

Charles A. Sennewald and John Christman-
Editorial: Butterworth-Heinemann Año: 2008 Páginas: 704 ISBN-13: 978-0123705297

  Retail businesses run the gamut from local mom-and-pop stores to large chains like Lowe’s and Macy’s. Despite the breadth of the sector, Charles A. Sennewald and John H. Christman, along with a host of contributors, have created a work that is almost certain to become the industry’s authoritative security reference. A 673-page tome, the book is not meant to be read cover to cover; rather, it is intended to be used as a reference guide as its title suggests. The text leaves no stone unturned. Among the topics covered are theft, surveillance cameras, guards, investigations, courtroom testimony, cybercrime, product tampering, case management, and emergency planning and fire protection. There are also sections on employee screening and other human resource issues, such as supervision and evaluation. The authors use a lot of security terminology, but a glossary aids the reader. The level of the information provided reflects the considerable combined experience of the contributing authors. Sennewald, founder of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, has almost 60 years’ experience in law enforcement and private security. Christman, the former vice president and director of security for Macy’s West, has 40-plus years in the security industry. This book is well-conceived, comprehensive, and easy to use. There are a few typos in the text that can at times be distracting. Nonetheless, whether you are a career security professional or an independent store owner, this book will prove a valuable tool in fostering sound business practices, reducing loss, and increasing revenue.

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