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Emergency Preparedness for Facilities: A Guide to Safety Planning and Business

David Casavant-
Editorial: Government Institutes Páginas: 308
Precio: 125 €

  Few things are more important or require as much time and effort as emergency planning. Anythíng that helps with this task or makes it easier is worth a look. Emergency Preparedness for Facilities fills both of these bilis. The book and accompanying CD provide a strategic guide to preparing for and recovering from any emergency or disaster. Author David Casavant is a specialist in emergency planning, business continuity, and related matters for buildings and facilities of all types. He has identified 19 natural and man-made emergency situations, ranging from droughts and blizzards to workplace violence and bomb threats. In addition to detailed information on what to do in each type of incident, he uses case studies to illustrate his recommendations. He also provides extensive information on U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements and sources of additional information. A companion CD contains the forms and templates printed in the book, including an annual emergency assessment form and a post-incident assessment form. With its well-rounded approach, this book-and-CD package will keep an organizatioti s emergency preparedness plans current for years to come.

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