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Loss Prevention Threats and Strategies: How People Steal from Your Business and What You Can Do to Stop It.

Thomas N. Monson and Sarah Kaip-
Editorial: Advantage Source Inc Año: 2005 Páginas: 276
Precio: 19.95 €

  Loss prevention is as important for small business owners as it is for large companies, maybe even more so. Small businesses often don’t have dedicated security personnel, so security is one of the many hats worn by managers and owners. They need a basic, straightforward guide to loss prevention, not a text geared to professionals. Loss Prevention Threats and Strategies provides one good alternative for nonexperts. It encourages owners and managers to take responsibility for prevention and training, and it furnishes the necessary tools that managers will need to develop an effective security strategy. The book’s organization is a welcome surprise. Chapters progress from most important/dangerous topics—armed robbery, workplace violence, and sexual harassment—to the less pressing or threatening—theft, information loss, fraud, and safety. Each chapter discusses the issues in significant detail so that even a novice can understand. And the authors not only cite the problems but they also supply solutions, multiple solutions at that. The chapters on armed robbery and workplace violence are representative of the quality of the text. When discussing armed robbery, the authors delve into all phases of a robbery, including prevention, actions during and after a robbery, summoning help, and working with law enforcement. Methods of cash handling, as well as opening and closing procedures, are also helpful. The chapter ends with several excellent pages of sample policies and suspect identification charts. Business owners and managers also receive a clear discussion of workplace violence. Signs of workplace violence are listed and explained, which will help readers set up training for staff. The authors even explain how to form a risk management team. Besides benefiting small businesses, this book would be an excellent guide for crime prevention officers as well as for security consultants serving the small-business community. Reviewer: Joseph P. Gargan, CPP, CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), is the security manager for Brookfield Properties, with responsibility for several high-rise buildings in Denver. He is also an adjunct professor at two colleges, where he teaches criminology and public-safety management. He is a member of ASIS International’s Denver Mile-Hi Chapter Board

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