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Allianz Risk Barometer Top Business Risks 2015

Risk and reputation in the age of disruption
Business interruption (BI), cyber, political upheaval, tech innovation and climate change top risks for 2015 and beyond
  • Business interruption and supply chain risk Natural catastrophes Fire/explosión Changes in legislation and regulation Cyber crime, IT failures, espionage, data breaches Loss of reputation or brand value Market stagnation or decline Intensified competition Theft, fraud and corruption Political/social upheaval, war Allianz Risk Barometer.
  • Top Business Risks 2015 Traditional industrial concerns including natural catastrophes and fire head annual Allianz Risk Barometer.
  • Businesses face new challenges posed by today’s interconnected corporate environment. Increasing number of non-property damage risks – including cyber and geo-political disruption – can impact a company’s balance sheet and reputation.
Business interruption (BI) and supply chain, natural catastrophes and fire/explosión are the major risks which occupy the attention of companies at the start of 2015, according to the fourth annual
llianz Risk Barometer, which surveys over 500 risk managers and corporate insurance experts from more than 40 countries.
However, businesses are also increasingly concerned about a number of emerging perils from today’s complex global business environment. “The growing interdependency of many industries and processes means businesses are now exposed to an increasing number of disruptive scenarios,” says Chris Fischer Hirs, CEO, AGCS.

“Risk management must reflect this reality. The root cause of many losses can often be traced back to the planning phase. Identifying the impact of any interconnectivity early can mitigate or help prevent losses occurring. Fostering cross-functional collaboration within companies is essential to tackle modern interconnected risks.”
Cyber risks is the most significant mover in this year’s Risk Barometer and is also the top emerging risk for the next five years. Yet although awareness increases, it is still the top risk underestimated by business, with budget constraints cited as one of the main reasons why companies are not more prepared for the disruption caused. According to the Risk Barometer, loss to reputation or brand value is now the main cause of economic loss for businesses in the event of a cyber incident, even higher than costs resulting from the interruption.

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