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Tory Brownyard

President of Brownyard Group

The Dangers of Protection: What Makes a Guard Firm Low- or High-Risk?

Marijuana legalization for medical and recreational purposes has been analyzed endlessly in the media. But one impact of legalization has not been thoroughly discussed: an increased need for security guards.

Marijuana dispensaries have become a prime target for robbery. Because of this, the dispensaries seek out guards—sometimes armed—to staff their storefronts and halt would-be robbers. But introducing armed guards into a high-risk environment has been shown to make a precarious situation even more volatile. 

When I’m asked to evaluate new security firm clients, it’s often for guidance on preventing problems with insurance rates and eligibility. For those purposes, we can think of firms as falling into two categories based on their risk appetites: some serve only low-profile risks—like office buildings—while others specialize in high-profile risks—like marijuana dispensaries.

Each organization’s level of risk tolerance is unique. But when choosing to serve new industries, like the retail marijuana industry, security firms need to weigh the risks, potential costs, and insurance implications against the benefits of finding a new market for their services.

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Fecha: 2016-03-16

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