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Viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

New York senator proposes measures to protect pharmacies


Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for tougher penalties and better security measures to help protect local pharmacies from the kind of deadly holdups that occurred on Long Island last week.

The senator's plan calls on the Drug Enforcement Agency to issue guidelines to help drugstores protect their prescription drugs. The measures would include silent alarms, timed safes and bullet proof glass.

He also wants the DEA to share the information it collects on pharmaceutical crime with local law enforcement.

Schumer also is proposing increasing the maximum sentence for drugstore theft to 20 years per offense.

He planned to detail his proposals at a news conference Wednesday.

On Saturday, an off-duty federal agent was killed while intervening in a Long Island pharmacy robbery in Seaford.

Fuente: The Wall Street Journal

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